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Syrex Inc. is a U.S. pharmaceutical company focused on development and commercialization of the generic pharmaceutical products. Through our offering of high-quality, low cost generic medications, we help reduce the overall costs of healthcare - to improve both the affordability of care for patients and the financial strength of the global healthcare system.

Utilizing strong partnerships with CRO’s and other Pharmaceutical Service Providers, Syrex has established an exciting generic pipeline. Our products are developed under the direction of highly skilled scientists employed by Syrex and in collaboration with other global pharmaceutical companies and research facilities.

Additionally, by working with Health Life Pharm-Tech Co., Ltd, headquarter in Beijing, China, one of the largest hospital suppliers in China, Syrex has direct access to the most populated market in the world.

At Syrex, we have the opportunity to Make a Difference every day by positively impacting the lives of our customers and patients. We strive to be recognized as a leader in the healthcare industry.